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About Us

Lonbit focuses on developing dedicated software for companies and then providing IT services to keep the software well maintained. We have over 10 years of experience in providing effective IT solutions for enterprises, tailored to the client's needs. We are convinced that your business can also experience growth thanks to the solutions we offer.


Dedicated applications

We create dedicated web, mobile and desktop applications

Outsourcing developers

We're outsourcing developers to supply the work force needed for external projects

IT systems maintenance

We care about quick reaction when technical problems or errors occur

IT support

We provide IT support for applications developed by us

Software deployment and system administration

We deploy developed applications on target computers and servers, which we can also administer later

Security audits

We carry out security audits for companies

Our specialization

Web apps

Modern web apps

We create modern web applications using the latest technologies
Mobile apps

Versatile mobile apps

We create mobile applications for Android and iOS
Desktop apps

Desktop apps

We create desktop applications for Windows, Linux and MacOS
B2B systems

B2B systems

Customized B2B systems for sales, service and support
Employee trainings

Employee trainings

Dedicated training systems for employees
B2B services

Post-sales services for B2B

Warranty and post-warranty services for B2B
Data Mining

Data mining solutions

Automated data mining solutions
Registration systems

Registration systems

Registration systems for events, conferences, medical services
Service monitoring

Service monitoring systems

Service monitoring systems with live notifications
15 experience
2000 IT support
250000 lines of code
120 databases

Put your trust in the higher power of IT

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