Dedicated applications

We create dedicated web, mobile and desktop applications

Outsourcing developers

We're outsourcing developers to supply the work force needed for external projects

IT systems maintenance

We care about quick reaction when technical problems or errors occur

IT support

We provide IT support for applications developed by us

Software deployment and system administration

We deploy developed applications on target computers and servers, which we can also administer later

Security audits

We carry out security audits for companies


Web apps

PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, CSS/LESS/SCSS with popular frameworks

Mobile apps

Objective-C, Swift, Java dla iOS i Android with popular frameworks

Desktop apps

C#, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Go, Delphi

Data mining

Automated data mining solutions


Microservices architecture with API, REST API, SOAP, JSON


Integrations with external systems (SAP etc.)


MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Mongo databases


Hyper-V / VMWare, Windows Server / Linux (CentOS, Debian, Red Hat) virtualization

SoC software

Software for SoC (System on Chip) devices

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, neural networks, deep learning

How do we operate?

We create our applications in close cooperation with the client who will use it on a daily basis. After tests and corrections, we deploy the production and test version. We do not leave the client alone, watching over and impoving the created application.
The process usually looks like this:
  • Based on information from the client, we make an initial valuation
  • We will meet with the client to specify the requirements
  • We present the final valuation
  • We create software while being in constant contact with the client
  • We are preparing a test version
  • We make corrections and changes in accordance with the client's recommendations
  • We deploy the production version (next to the test version)
  • We offer continued support, maintenance, patches and technical support throughout the application lifecycle

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